AHA Instructor Courses

In addition to the AHA provider classes, we also teach AHA instructor courses. 

BLS initial instructor and BLS instructor renewal courses are each offered once per quarter. The initial BLS instructor course is 8 hours long and completed in one day. The BLS instructor renewal courses are approximately 4 hours long.

Steps to acquiring AHA Instructor Certification via Blended Learning Course

1) You must hold a provider card at the level you want to become an instructor at i.e. BLS / ACLS / or PALS

2) Go online to elearning.heart.org to purchase and complete the applicable course:

          a. BLS Instructor: BLS Instructor Essential Online (20-1420) for BLS.

          b. ACLS Instructor: ACLS Instructor Essentials Online (20-1419)

          c. PALS Instructor: PALS Instructor Essentials Online (20-1417)

3) At the completion of the online classes, you will receive a certificate of completion. You must bring it to the IREMSC AHA Instructor Course.

5) Visit our Course Calendar to register for an IREMSC Instructor Course.

Costs for the AHA Online courses:

  1. BLS Instructor Essential - $40.00
  2. ACLS Instructor Essential: $40.00
  3. PALS Instructor Essentials: $40.00

IREMSC Instructor Course fee:

  1. BLS Instructor - $325.00
  2. ACLS Instructor - Depends on the number of students.
  3. PALS Instructor - Depends on the number of students.