Mini-Grants are operational funds that IREMSC dedicates to rural organized, EMS services from our State Operating grant funds.  These funds may be used for all aspects of operating an EMS service including training, equipment, insurance, fuel, etc.  Mini-Grants are intended for rural services that have a primarily volunteer base, they may be a not-for-profit entity (but not required) and are not a publicly funded municipality or borough EMS system. Mini-Grants are awarded via an application process.  In most cases, IREMSC will manage the funds for the services by ordering equipment, assisting in organizing training, or working with Tribal Administrators or First Responder leaders to pay for other EMS operational needs.  Applications go out to the communities in May.  We also assist the communities with acquiring higher-cost EMS equipment, including vehicles via the State Code Blue Grant.  

IREMSC Mini-Grant applications are sent in the spring for use in the next fiscal year (after the 1st of July). For more information and qualification criteria for a Mini-Grants, please review the Mini-Grant Policy handout.

To apply for a Mini-Grant, services need to fill out the Mini-Grant Application and complete other requirements to include a submission of the previous year’s Ambulance Survey (if you received a Mini-Grant in the previous fiscal year) and an IREMSC Inventory Verification form (if you have received Code Blue Funds),( which will be mailed to required communities).