Alaska Council on Emergency Medical Services

The Alaska Council of Emergency Medical Services (ACEMS) was established by DHSS in Alaska Statute 18.08.020 to advise the Commissioner and Governor with regard to the planning and implementation of a statewide EMS system. More information on ACEMS can be found on the State ACEMS website located here

ACEMS is currently accepting Task Force Applications. For more information on the requirements and the applications please visit the ACEMS Task Force Application

Emergency Medical Service Awards
The Alaska Emergency Medical Service awards are sponsored by the Governor's Alaska Council on Emergency Medical Services (ACEMS). Nominations are accepted year-round and collected for review each year for the annual State EMS Symposium Awards Ceremony held in November. The deadline for nominations is September 30th! All nominations turned in after September 30th will be considered for the State EMS Symposium Awards Ceremony for the following year. Please go to this link to submit a nomination:
ACEMS EMS Award Nomination Form

Award categories are as follows:

  • Consumer-Citizen: A person who, not in the regular line of duty, performs life-saving, limb-saving, or medical techniques in a medical emergency while demonstrating quick-thinking, common sense.
  • EMS Provider: Medically-trained person who performs meritorious service above and beyond expectations of the job.
  • EMS Administrator: A person who successfully develops a new approach, technique, or device to improve EMS in Alaska, and/or for an outstanding administrator in an EMS agency or service.
  • George Longenbaugh MD: Dr. George Longenbaugh was a pioneer in Alaska EMS. This award honors a physician who exemplifies leadership and dedication to EMS systems and, through his or her efforts, has significantly promoted the Alaska EMS system.
  • EMS Educator: This award is given to a State certified ETT or EMT Instructor, who is dedicated to quality instruction and promoting the best in prehospital care or has made an outstanding contribution to EMS education.
  • Melissa Ann Peters Memorial Award: The Melissa Ann Peters Memorial Award is given in memory of a young nurse whose untimely death prompted her family and friends to remember her by honoring other nurses who have contributed in a special way to the encouragement of EMS skills, efforts, and education.
  • EMS Outstanding Ambulance Service: The criteria for selection are the following: heroic performance on a special occasion, such as a mass casualty response or outstanding success in providing year-round community service and in gaining support and involvement of the entire community in its service and educational activities. In short, an ambulance service will be chosen that exemplifies in some way the outstanding service that all our ambulance organizations and rescue squads provide to Alaska. The Council has developed a standard nomination form to be used for nominations.
  • Special Awards and Commendations: Special commendations may be awarded in one or more of the following categories for outstanding service: air medical services, injury prevention programs, outstanding employees associated with an EMS organization for longevity and service, and foundations and or service organizations which provides support to EMS activities.